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At ELITE we adhere to the principals that our services ought to be utilised in a sound and ethical business practice that allows us to deliver without compromising the quality of services to our clients. In our business, customer care comes first as we value the suggestions and contributions of our clients.

We commit ourselves to the creation and maintenance of true partnerships with our clients, shareholders and employees in order to satisfy the mutual desire for a balanced environment based on a win/win situation. ELITE focuses on the implementation of innovative, practical and customer sensitive packages. We will defend without exception the values of honesty, integrity, professionalism and value-creation in our company.



ELITE CAR HIRE is a member of the ELITE Group of Companies that has a national presence. ELITE CAR HIRE was established in 1991 with a team of focused and determined professionals with the primary objective to provide the highest quality of car rental services and simultaneously providing for flexibility to suit the different types of clients in the market place. Another added advantage is our prime locations at the Harare International Airport, Harare International Conference Centre and a city centre head office. As an established car rental service provider we continously strive to improve our services and customer care. 


1991 - 2011    2011 - Present


Elite Car Hire is dedicated to being the preferred car rental company in Zimbabwe. We endeavour to use our wealth of experience, capabilities and strength to create value for our clients, employees and society as a whole.



By providing the best services that do not compromise the safety and travel of our customers lives, and systems implementation of measures to safeguard and ensure these values are translated practically, thereby maximising corporate efficiency.

This statement is a primary motivator that inspires us to give unparalleled services to our customers, also taking into account our social responsibilty and the environment.



At Elite as we are seasoned professionals and it is in our best interest, to consolidate our market standing by being one of the industry leaders of continuously providing quality services, responsiveness and productivity that meets customer specifications. We strive to be competitive and have withstood the ever changing business and economic environment, and continue to do so without compromising effectiveness and efficiency and also consistency in maintaining our high standards. Our main objective is customer first/focus which enables us to fulfil customer needs in a cost effective manner.

We believe by achieving these goals we will precisely live up to our mission and be the de-facto service provider for providing high quality vehicle rental services at competitive and affordable rates. As we are conditioned to achieving these objectives through commitment, dedication determination our highly qualified and trained personnel, both on the technical and administrative side of operations, you are guaranteed a professional service.



  Excellence   We believe in continuously striving for excellence which is underlined by our commitment to client satisfaction.
  Teamwork   Success is brought about through teamwork and the spirit of working together to achieve a common set of goals ultimately leading to success.
  Reliability   We believe in offering a world class service and go the extra-mile to always maintain our standards.
  Commitment   Our team of highly trained staff are totally committed to go the extra-mile to ensure that the customer comes first and is completely satisfied.
  Dedication   The entire Elite team, from the management down to the grassroots levels are completely dedicated to providing a service second to none.
  Superior Services   Our quest to satisfy the needs of our customers drives everything we do as we place them at the centre of our activities.
  Innovation   We are constantly developing and implementing new solutions in the current market to meet the requirements of our customers.
  Accessibility   We strive for easier accessibility geographically to facilitate easier locations that allow our customers safe, secure and accommodative locations so as to afford them hassle free movement.
  Cost Effectiveness   Our corporate goal focuses on boasting the most competitive prices within the current market.
  Personalisation   At ELITE we are committed to offering a Personalised service to fulfil our clients’ absolute needs. In order to achieve this goal we also take our time to listen to customers opinions, views and acknowledge the need to incorporate them practically within our framework to help build a mutual business relationship and understanding.
  Integrity & Honesty   In compliance with our Mission Values, we conduct our business with the highest standards of business ethics, integrity and honesty.



At Elite we have a culture of putting customer needs first, and having said that we believe in going the extra mile by giving a personalised service second to none, which has kept our flag flying high. We boast an experienced and knowledgeable team that responds to our customers in an efficient and courteous manner that keeps them satisfied. It is at this point that the worthiness, evaluation of supplier credibility is weighed.

We are of the belief that by dedicating ourselves and committing to these standards, we are able to fulfil and meet our customer needs and demands with absolute satisfaction.



In conclusion we would like to assure you that our clients get the best service delivery, be it quality, professionalism and ethical conduct that bear fruit. At the same time we maintain a balanced approach to service delivery and corporate resposibility.