Luxury Car Rental Services In Zimbabwe

Unlike the previous times, where the luxury of transportation was not as technological and planned as it is now, proper transportation has become a very important aspect for the people in this modern-day world. Most day to day life decisions depend on the availability of transport. Whether we need to go for our daily office routine, or need to plan a trip or just a casual outing, or when we arrange luxurious parties, transportation is always a matter of concern. So it is important for us to know and find the reputed and reliable rental services around. There are numerous companies, which offer various services such as the point-to-point travel services, luxury car rental services, reliable airport services and many more. In comparison to many travel options, most of us are generally comfortable and hence inclined to the car rental services.

Why hire a car rental company?
The main objective of these rental service companies is to provide the people with chauffeur services who are efficient and reliable. The clients availing these services range from corporate people to individuals who are looking for casual long distance trips only. These services include airport services, office services, and transportation for weddings. The people can avail their required services, which can be customized according to their budget. This business is highly competitive as there are numerous other companies, budding in this business, and they know the exact requirements of the common people and render the required services. One main luxury service provided by such companies is explained briefly below.

Premier airport transfer services-
These services are rendered to those who require quick pickups from the airports to an important destination, for people who require picking up business clients from the airports or for people who just need to catch a flight for their holiday destination, etc. There are numerous advantages of availing these services. There would be no hassles about the car parking, the heavy traffic routes can be easily avoided, and this would also be an economical choice. Hence, one could easily reach the airport stress free, without taking any trouble at all. For foreigners in a country, this is an excellent choice because it is a lot of hassle to find reliable cab services in a foreign land, without being overcharged or cheated.

Furthermore, there are various other services such as the premier corporate service, premier wedding service, premier point-to-point service, etc. and one can avail any depending on their requirements.

Benefits Of Hiring The Car Rental Services

There can be many reasons of renting a car as it can be for your business trips, vacation or wedding. Renting a car is a feasible option for the long journeys as you are at your own comfort unlike in the public transport. Also, if you are out there for holidaying, then you can go to places at your own will without worrying about anything else. It is not important that the people who don’t have their own car hire car rental services. The people who have an older model or small cars can also take the Car Rental Services to plan for a comfortable journey. Here are some more reasons to hire the Car Rental Services:

Benefits Of Hiring The Car Rental Services:

  • You can book your favorite car from the comfort of your homes as many of them provide the Online Car Booking Services. You just have to select a Car Rental Service for 4×4 Hire Harare and choose the car that you want to book. Further, you can make the advance payment online. You will also be provided with all the necessary details like the car mileage, car features, etc.
  • Many of the Car Rental Services offer special discounts and services to retain their regular clients.They also encourage them to join the ‘club’ which are designed to offer their regular clients special deals and discounts. It benefits the people who rent more frequently.
  • The Car Rental Services also provide chauffeur with cars to provide safe drive to their clients. It benefits the people who have to travel to some unknown location or place. The rented cars are equipped with GPS devices that assist the drivers with all directions.

Moreover, the Car Rental Services also offer you insurance when you sign the rental agreement. In most of the states, insurance is compulsory for the drivers. The interesting part is that you can hire a car as per your requirement and budget. They can provide small budget to luxury car in different price ranges to suit the requirements of different clients. Elite Car Rental is the best car rental service for Point-To-Point Transport In Zimbabwe.

How To Rent A Car In Zimbabwe

With Victoria Falls and the Hwange National Parks gaining popularity, Zimbabwe is attracting more tourists with each passing year. Once you have decided to holiday in Zimbabwe, one of the first decisions to make would be rent a car. Having your own vehicle to drive around allows a lot of freedom to travel at your own pace. You could either hire a car for the entire length of your Zimbabwe trip or for specified legs of the trip like Victoria Falls or Hwange National Park.

First step to rent a car in Zimbabwe would be to consider the type of car you would need. Make a note of the size of the group, children or elderly in the group, and facilities like AC that will be required in a car. Most online sites that allow you to hire a rental car ask your specifications, helping you zero in on something that will work best for you. The options could then range from sturdy 4×4’s to economy family cars to luxury vehicles – take your pick.
Things to consider when renting a car in Zimbabwe

Deposit and Payment: In most cases, a deposit is required for confirmation and the entire payment is due at the time of rental. All fines, taxes, and penalties (if any) are to be borne by the person renting the car.

Vehicle Condition: Get a document with the vehicle condition listed with any defects and verify this. Any defect found that is not listed should be immediately notified before the rental agreement is signed.

Fuel Policy: Some rental agencies will give you a car with a full tank of petrol for a set price per litre, and are to be returned with an empty tank.

Vehicle Pickup: If you plan to rent the vehicle right from the airport, let the rental agency know of your exact flight details and time. Incorrect details could lead to a failed rental. Vehicle could also be picked up from the local office of the rental agency or at your place of stay.

Extra Drivers: Having an extra driver, especially somebody below age 25, would cost a “young driver surcharge.”

Car Seats: If your group has children, then car seats would be necessary. The best option would be to get your own; however, if not feasible, it could be hired.

Sat Navs: Again, it is advisable to get your own device if possible. Rental rates could be quite high.

Car Hire Excess Insurance: If your rented car is damaged or stolen, this comes to your rescue. At a very nominal fee, this protects you from having to pay excess charges. It is advisable to buy this as a standalone policy online than do it at the rental desk.
While growing competition has led to easy rental of cars, being aware of the terms and taking a couple of precautions helps plan better, save better, drive better, and enjoy your Zimbabwe trip better.

Why Take Up Wedding Car For Hire

Wedding is the most celebrated day of one’s life and it truly deserves the best possible arrangements. For making it perfect, it is important to take into account all the preparations that need to be made for this day. Selection of the right car to reach the venue on time plays an important role on the wedding day. Wedding Car Rental companies offer a variety of cars for this special occasion. These cars may include a range of vintage and luxurious cars. Listed below are some benefits of taking up car rental services for the wedding day:

  • Companies offering Car Rental Services ensure that the cars they are providing meet the requirements of the clients in the best manner. They not only keep in mind the clients’ budget but also their preferences and needs.
  • They provide the clients with special features and attractive packages which make them go for a ride without any worry.
  • These companies offer a wide range of cars which helps the clients to choose the best car for their wedding day. By choosing a luxury model like a limousine or Mercedes, the bride or groom can reach the venue in style.
  • Car Rental Companies put in their best efforts to make your wedding day memorable. They not only provide the best models and brands, but also decorate the car with beautiful flowers, ribbons and embellishments to add to its appeal.
  • They know that the wedding day is one of the most special events so they ensure that the car looks stunning so that it can enhance the entire event.
  • They make sure that both the bride and the groom have a comfortable ride in their cars.

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Tips to Choose a Four Wheel Drive

Travelling on a road safari is the best thing you can do to explore the places around, meet new people and live life at an edge. However, to enjoy this experience at the fullest, it is important to choose the right kind of vehicle for your journey. If you are travelling alone, then your vehicle will be your only companion on your trip. Therefore, it is most important to choose a vehicle that will act as your reliable friend through your journey to the rough locations around the country.

If you are planning a safari tour, then 4×4 is the right choice in vehicles. It is four-wheel drive vehicle, which means all its four vehicles are engine driven. Due to this, it is suitable for off-road drive. Choosing a four-wheel drive is no different from choosing any other type of vehicle. So, here are some tips for you while you hire a four-wheel drive (4×4) vehicle.

Tips for Choosing 4×4 Hire

  • Size- If you are traveling alone then, size is not a big problem but if you are travelling with family then, you must consider the size of the vehicle. For a big family tour or outing, make sure that you have hired a car in which your family comfortably fits in.
  • Model- There are several different models in 4×4 or four wheel driven vehicle so you can choose one that suits your personality and your style. Look for model that is easily available and is suiting your preferences.
  • Comfort- Most of the 4×4 vehicle have an excellent ease of control allowing a comfortable pass through rough terrains and tracks. However, choose the one that gives you more comfort and ease.
  • Mileage- The on road mileage of the vehicle is very important point to consider while hiring a 4×4 vehicle.

You can avail the services of Elite Car Rental if you are looking for a Car Hire Service in Harare. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, it is a reputed company offering Car Rental Services at affordable rates. Besides, it also offers wedding Car Hire Services, Airport Transfer to its clients. For hiring a 4×4 in Harare, you can log on to

Tips For Hiring A Wedding Car

For a spectacular entry at your wedding venue, you need a vehicle that is classy and comfortable. The journey to your wedding place is the most amazing journey of your life and if you really want to keep good memories of it, it is important that you give the right amount of attention on how to hire the right Wedding Car. The Wedding Car will be a part of your wedding, so, you must invest some time for choosing it as you have invested in choosing your clothes, jewelry, makeup, wedding venue, etc. Here are some tips that will help you out in hiring a Wedding Car of your choice.

Tips For Hiring A Wedding Car

  • Model- Choose a model that best suits your style and personality. You can choose from the basic models like vintage, classic, modern classic and modern. Each of the type has its own charm. You can go for a modern car like Ferrari or Mercedes but if you are having a traditional wedding, you can go for a vintage or classic car like Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Aston Martin.
  • Size- The size of the car is another important thing that you should consider. Obviously, you would not like to go to your wedding place stuffed uncomfortably with your relatives. To save you from such mess, choose a big car as per your requirements. Stretch SUV and Limousine are the best choices for wedding functions.
  • Reputation- To save you from any kind of last minute confusion, choose a single Car Hire Company for all your needs. As the best cars go quite quickly, make sure that you book your cars in advance. Even, ensure that the company offers chauffeurs that are not only well dressed but also groomed and educated.

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