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Elite in the Community

Investing in our future


We take seriously our role as a corporate citizen in the communities that we practice in. Our policy is to promote positive development in education and healthcare whilst running our company with due consideration for the environment at all times.


Corporate Social Responsibility


We are working hard to minimise the impact that we have on the environment. Our head office is being re-built and will include carbon friendly technology and operations. We have invested in IT solutions including video conferencing and secure data transfer in order to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.


Community Projects


Work in the community has always been part of the culture of our company. As well as our commitment to our stakeholders, we believe that we have a moral commitment to the people we live and work with. Our involvement in the community provides an opportunity for all our staff to undertake voluntary activities, whilst at the same time helping with the recruitment, motivation and personal development of our people.

Our community projects include a wide range of sponsorships covering local charities and student scholarships. Our charitable donations have covered diverse causes including donating new IT hardware to local schools to giving out food hampers to the less fortunate during festive seasons.

Sometimes our charitable donations appear in the media and sometimes no one knows what we have given. Our objective when giving back to the community is simple, what we give with our right hand, our left hand must not know. We strongly believe that by giving charity in any shape or form will not decrease or dent our financial performance.

We also believe that investment in the community can have a profound impact when spent locally. Our program of investment in local communities has strengthened our relationships with our clients through collaborative efforts and has shown that we are acting responsibly in relation to the communities in which we exist. More than anything, we invest in the community because we believe it is the right thing to do.


Recent Media Coverage

  • December 2011 - Elite Car Rental donates more than 150 food hampers to the widows and orphans of police officers who have lost their lives in active service. Read the full article from the Herald newspaper here